Wednesday, 8 February 2017

March PD

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Read – professional reading

Available from the library database

Crossin, R., Cairney, S., Lawrence, A. J., & Duncan, J. R. (2017). Adolescent inhalant abuse leads to other drug use and impaired growth; implications for diagnosis. Australian And New Zealand Journal Of Public Health, 41(1), 99-104.

Madruga, C. S., Viana, M. C., Abdalla, R. R., Caetano, R., & Laranjeira, R. (2017). Pathways from witnessing parental violence during childhood to involvement in intimate partner violence in adult life: The roles of depression and substance use. Drug And Alcohol Review, 36(1), 107-114.

Thompson, K., Davis-MacNevin, P., Teehan, M., & Stewart, S. (2017). The Association Between Secondhand Harms From Alcohol and Mental Health Outcomes Among Postsecondary Students. Journal Of Studies On Alcohol And Drugs, 78(1), 70-78.

Witkiewitz, K., Roos, C. R., Pearson, M. R., Hallgren, K. A., Maisto, S. A., Kirouac, M., & ... Heather, N. (2017). How Much Is Too Much? Patterns of Drinking During Alcohol Treatment and Associations With Post-Treatment Outcomes Across Three Alcohol Clinical Trials. Journal Of Studies On Alcohol And Drugs, 78(1), 59-69.

Open Access Available from Google Scholar

Write - presentations and papers

The Australian Winter School are looking for speakers to present on a range of topics under their three breakout streams: Harm reduction; Prevention; Treatment. If you have exciting research, fantastic outcomes or ground-breaking new initiatives in AOD, they invite you to make a submission! Closing 28 February 2017.
Conference will be held in Brisbane on 27 and 28 July and registration to attend opens in March.
Click here for more details

Attend – informal learning sessions, journal club, seminar series

Insight Queensland

Free training sessions at Biala Community Health Centre in Brisbane including:
Culturally secure AOD practice: 09/03/2017
Crystal clear: responding to methamphetamine use: 16/03/2017
Understanding psychoactive drugs: 28/03/2017
Family inclusive practice in AOD treatment: 30/03/2017
Click here for details
Journal club (available to Healthy Options workers only) Internal professional development session held in the Annerley boardroom and via Skype meeting. Date: TBC

Attend – conferences 

Australian  and New Zealand Addiction Conference, 15-17 May 2017,

Mantra on View Hotel, Gold Coast.
Topics include:
Trauma informed counselling; navigating the system; training and support of AOD workers; issues within rural and remote communities; the lived experience and their supporters; emerging trends; cultural safety and sensitivity when working with specific population groups.
Cost from $590-$990
More details available here

Listen – podcasts, webinars

Insight Won’t be running any webinars until March but their 2016 archive can be viewed on  Vimeo and includes: PTSD. Are we missing it? AOD sector update and launch of Meth check Understanding domestic violence within the context of AOD The lowdown on AOD apps and websites Understanding treatment for personality disorders

Assessed learning – short courses, certificates, diplomas, bachelors, post-grad

Learning how to learn online.

Learn how online education differs from traditional classrooms while you explore and develop your own personal strategies for online learning success. You will be guided through an interactive investigation and self-reflection process to help you determine your learning preferences and create your own personal strategy for successful online learning. We will address common misconceptions, frustrations and fears about online learning and introduce techniques to help overcome such obstacles. Various models of online courses will be explored as well as the concept of a "personal learning space".
Starts 05/03/2017 for 5 weeks and will require 2 hours per week.
Free online course, enrol here