Friday, 21 June 2013

Five AOD "go to" sites

To wind up Drug Action Week here are a list of 5 "go to" websites for AOD resources:

1) Drug Arm Resource Centre Catalogue
Yes, we'll get the shameless self plug over and done with first up! Search the catalogue for books, electronic items, journals, kits and other resources.
You can also access factsheets through the Drug Arm website or have a look at some of the great resources the Prevention team have developed around the National Alcohol Guidelines

2) National Drug Sector Information Service (Alcohol and other Drugs Council of Australia ADCA)
An information and resources services for those who work in the AOD field. Some good links to free online materials and guidelines.
Tips and tricks for new players: a guide to becoming familiar with the alcohol and other drug sector (4th ed) - is a great resource if you're starting out.

3) Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet
A wealth of information and resources including guidelines, practice resources, research, and publications

4) DrugInfo (Australian Drug Foundation ADF)
Facts and resources about alcohol and other drugs. Includes factsheets, information for sections and free resources that are available online. They also have a series of podcasts for your drive/ commute home

5) Drugfields (Alcohol and other Drugs Council of Australia ADCA)
Professional development, policy and practice resources for those in the AOD field.  Look for training opportunities, work toolkits and self care information.

Have other suggestions? Comment below and share them with your colleagues!

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