Friday, 2 August 2013

Substance misuse skills consortium

If you had a look at the drugs and alcohol matrices discussed in the post "Where's the evidence base?" you may have noticed reference to the Substance Misuse Skills Consortium.  If you haven't been to their website before (it's been up since 2010), it is well worth a visit.

From their "About us" page:

"The Substance Misuse Skills Consortium is an independent, sector-led initiative to harness the ideas, energy and talent within the substance misuse treatment field, to maximise the ability of the workforce, and to help more drug and alcohol misusers recover"

The matrices are on the website, but you'll also find some great stuff in the Skills Hub including resources sorted by substance type and by treatment phase.

Substance Misuse Skills Consortium - access point to resources based on treatment phase. Image accessed 08/2013
As with the matrices this is quite UK material heavy, but a useful website nonetheless.

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