Friday, 11 October 2013

Online mental health course

In celebration of World Mental Health Day/ National Mental Health week, Flinders University, Adelaide are offering a free five-week course titled "Mental Wealth: know it and grow it".

Modules include:
1) What is normal?
2) Map your community health issue
3) Busting myths and stigma
4) Media Madness
5) Generating mental wealth

Topics covered include:
  • Mental health and mental wealth
  • Stigma and how to counter such attitudes
  • How mental health is perceived differently around the world
  • Factors that impact on good and poor mental health
  • How you can build mental wealth for yourself and in your communities
  • Your own beliefs about mental health and mental illness and identify what has shaped these

  • In their own words "This course is for anyone interested in mental health and wellness... This course is NOT a self- help group for people with mental health issues or a place to talk about treatment"

    The course starts Monday 28th October, 2013

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