Friday, 22 November 2013

Global Drug Survey 2014

The Global Drug Survey for 2014 has just been launched.

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The Global Drug Survey began in 2012, although they have been running surveys through MixMag for over a decade.  It is run by UK based psychiatrist Dr Adam Winstock.  The survey investigates items such as drug pricing, consumption, and pleasure and pain factors associated with drug taking. Detailed information about the survey including methodology and limitations is available on the Global Drug Survey website

The survey is promoted by media partners in 17 countries (Fairfax in Australia) and has had 29740 respondents today, after being launched (in Australia) on 12th November.  Results for the 2014 survey should be available in March/April, but you can see some of the 2012 data on the Global Drug Survey website here

The following two articles by Dr Winstock have used data from the survey:

Mitcheson, L; Winstock, A.R (2012)’New recreational drugs and the primary care approach to patients who use them‘. British Medical Journal 344:e288

Ford, C; Winstock, A.R; Witton, J. (2010) Assessment & management of cannabis use disorders in primary care British Medical Journal, 340:c1571.

The results of the survey have also been used to inform an online application called The Drugs Meter, where people can examine their own drug and alcohol use and compare it to the survey's results.

Image from Retrieved on 22/11/2013

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