Friday, 11 April 2014

New name for the Resource Centre

We'd love to hear your thoughts on a new name for the Resource Centre.  The following three options are currently being considered; you may wish to vote on one of these...
Healthy Options Library
Australian Drug and Mental Health Library
The Drug and Mental Health Library

... or please feel free to make your own suggestion/s. 

Ideally, the name would encompass the three organisations.  We hope to have this finalised ASAP.

Comment below with your vote or suggestion or email


  1. I really like "Australian Drug and Mental Health Library"
    It clearly states what the library is about and using "Australian" adds some kudos to it!

  2. healthy options resource centre

  3. Healthy Options Library

  4. Just wondering if some reference to Drug misuse/addiction/dependence/treatment/education is more discriptive than just Drug and Mental Health Library/Resource Centre etc.

  5. Healthy Options Resource Centre

  6. Thanks for the suggestions, all. Will hopefully be able to get back to you soon with the finalised name. Kate