Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Federal budget 2014-15

A brief outline of the federal budget in regards to AOD and MH.  Arrows indicate increases or decreases in spending and crosses cut funding or abolished items, i.e. they do not indicate approval or disapproval of budget items.

It's been a long morning reading budget documents, so if I've missed something please add a comment. 
** 16/05/14 - ANCD have done a more detailed outline regarding AOD here
 - Kate **


  1. Kate,
    It seems to be a typical docuument that we have to swim through to find clarity.
    Saying that..... does it say anything in regard to AOD and mental health combined for funding? I notice it does for youth (headspace) but is there anything for adults?
    Thanks Chris

    1. Nothing specifically that I came across. Health ( and Social services (
      is where I did most of my reading.

      You could imply cuts from items on hospital care, and also make assumptions about the impact of GP fees. There are some changes to the pharmaceutical benefits scheme that may also impact.

      I should have also mentioned that Medicare locals are being replaced with Primary Health Networks - though I need to investigate further what this means.

      I'll keep an eye out on the responses in the next few days and see if there is something further I can add.


    2. Thanks Kate, That was a really nice summary!

  2. Petrina Markland15 May 2014 at 12:11

    Thank you for posting this overview of the Budget Kate. It certainly has been the topic for discussion in the hallways of DrugArm yesterday and today. I guess the real evidence of 'budget aftermath' will be realised by concerned parties in a few years when the statistical worm has taken an severe upturn that will reflect the results we already know are possible.......Long live Prevention.....!